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Amplitude Headline Benton Modern Caslon's Egyptian FF DIN Condensed Bureau Grotesque Guardian Houston Popular Poynter Agate Display Stag Vectora Thin

2001. Designed with Miko McGinty and Cyrus Highsmith. Commissioned by Red Herring.
Designed at Font Bureau.

Around 1816, William Caslon IV printed the first know specimen of a sans serif typeface: W CASLON JUNR LETTERFOUNDER. A complete set of matrices for captials exists in the archives of Stephenson Blake, and Miko McGinty revived these as a project in Tobias Frere-Jones's type design class at Yale. In 1998, Cyrus Highsmith refined Miko's version, giving it a more complete character set for Red Herring magazine. In 2001, they came back for a lowercase and 3 additional weights. I looked at Clarendon and British vernacular lettering (mainly from signs) for inspiration, and came up with a lowercase that does not even pretend to be an accurate or failthful revival, and has turned out to be very polarizing - people either love it or hate it. Now that I have learned a bit more about English typography (with a lot of helpful guidance from Paul Barnes), I realize that I completely misunderstood the sources I worked from, and I now consider the lowercase an interesting failure.

Light, Regular, Bold and Black