Amplitude FF Bau Farnham Fritz Casa Latino! Local Gothic Los Feliz Luxury FF Meta Headline Neutraface Neutraface Condensed FF Oxide Pennsylvania Simian FF Unit

2001-2003. Released by Font Bureau. Thai version by Anuthin Wongsunkakon, 2005.

In school, I often used Matthew Carter's Bell Centennial, originally designed for telephone directories, as a display face. I liked the striking and unique forms created by the "ink traps", spaces carved out where strokes converged that would later be filled in by the expansion of ink on paper. Without these notches, forms would fill in to the point of illegibility. While I was working at Font Bureau, we had a lot of newspaper projects come through the studio, and I got some hands-on experience with the specific demands of printing small type on absorbent paper. Amplitude is a reaction to these two factors, and is essentially an agate face drawn for display.

Wallpaper* magazine, one of the first publications to use Amplitude, launched an edition in Thailand in 2005. They commissioned Anuthin Wongsunkakon to draw a Thai version of the font in two weights, to help keep their design consistent across all editions. I think he did a brilliant job of maintaining the integrity of the design while adapting it to a completely different set of structures.

Extra Compressed, Compressed, Condensed, Normal and Wide widths in Light, Book, Regular, Medium, Bold, Black and Ultra weights. Italics unofficially available for Normal width.