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2002. Art Directed by Ken Barber and Andy Cruz. Released by House Industries.

Neutraface was an ambitious project to design the most typographically complete geometric sans serif family ever. We didn't have many actual samples of the lettering that the Neutras used on their buildings, so it ended up taking a lot of interpretation. There was no reference for the lowercase, so it's drawn from scratch, looking at Futura, Nobel, and Tempo for reference. I drew the Titling weight because the Bold was as heavy as the lowercase could possibly get, but the uppercase was able to take on a lot more weight before it became illegible.

The text version has an excessive number of features, like Alternate Italic Small Caps, 6 kinds of figures (plus fractions!) and accents for Esperanto. I had a lot of fun with the italic... I wanted it to be more apparent in text than an obliqued roman would be, and I thought the tails would accomplish this and also help it to look more like a period piece. Neutraface took a year to draw, and file management was a nightmare - I delivered over 100 fonts to be distilled down into the final full-featured Opentype release.

Display styles in Thin, Light, Medium and Bold weights, plus Titling, Drafting, and Numerals. Text styles in Light, Book, Demi and Bold weights, all with Italics, Small Caps, and Italic Small Caps.