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Amplitude Headline Benton Modern Caslon's Egyptian FF DIN Condensed Bureau Grotesque Guardian Houston Popular Poynter Agate Display Stag Vectora Thin

2004-2005. Commissioned by Mark Porter at The Guardian. Designed with Paul Barnes. Not available for relicensing until 2008.

Even judging by our limited number of press tests, The Guardian's new presses are the best quality presses I've ever worked with, but we still didn't think it would be wise to take too many chances with this face. The Sports section was an important part of the redesign, and the new Agate had to ensure that the rugby and football scores would be easier to read than ever, in spite of them being crammed onto smaller pages.

At 5.5 point, and even smaller in info graphics and maps, it needed ink traps, an enormous x-height, higher contrast, dropped crossbars on 'f' and 't', and exaggerated punctuation, but at the same time the proportions needed to be a lot narrower than the text Sans.

The Agate figures needed to be tabular, of course, including fractions on the same character width. We tried four or five different solutions on press, including broken fraction bars and no bar at all, and this one seemed to print and read the best. The fractions in the heaviest weight of the Agate were probably the most difficult bit of drawing in the whole project.

Roman and Bold weights with italics, small caps, and italic small caps, in 4 grades; Medium and Black with italics, small caps, and italic small caps.

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