These typefaces were also produced for clients. Please note that, except where indicated, these typefaces are not available for licensing.

Bosch Chalet Cyrillic Coop Black (lowercase) David Yurman Eero Harrison Interstate Monospaced LaDeeDa FF Meta 3 ITC Officina Display Reform Symantec VW Headline Light & Heckschrift


2003. Based on an unnamed typeface drawn by Eero Saarinen for the Dulles International Airport. Art Directed by Ken Barber and Andy Cruz. Commissioned by House Industries for the Dulles International Airport.

Architects rarely, if ever, make good type designers, but there's something I really like about this face. It's charming and naive and willfully follows its rules, even when they don't really work. I do find it odd, though, that this typeface is so rectangular when Saarinen's buildings have such swooping curves. I worked from blueprints and had an interesting challenge getting characters like @, § and € to fit into Saarinen's system. The arrows all came from the blueprints as well.

This face was drawn for an architecture firm working on a restoration and reovation of Dulles Airport. If I did my job well, you won't be able to tell which signs are old and which are new.

Medium weight, plus Arrows.