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2005. Originally known as 5608. Designed for Double A Clothing in 1999; Revised and expanded in 2005 for release by FontShop International.

During my senior year of college I worked for a clothing company, designing T-shirts and labels. The aesthetic of one of our lines was a mix of industrial and military, so we used a lot of stencil type. I bought some stencils at the hardware store one day and digitized this face because other companies kept ripping off the prints we designed using readily available fonts. I liked this particular set of stencils because the letters were designed to have as few stencil breaks as possible, making the stencil effect a lot more subtle than usual. 5608 Walnut Street was our address and the inspiration for the name.

In 2005, I expanded this family and released it as part of the FontFont library. The Solid styles are more interesting that I thought they would be. They ended up looking like a naive cousin to Bank Gothic. I added a full set of alternates with more explicit stencil breaks for the OpenType Pro version.

Solid and Stencil variants in Light, Regular and Bold